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Ointment for Scalded Wounds

Hot spilling can cause skin burns. To overcome this, you can apply an ointment for scalded wounds, after taking first aid measures. In addition to pain, scalded can also cause burns to the skin. The severity of burns from being scalded can vary depending on the location and extent of the affected skin area. First Aid Hot Scalded When scalded, do not immediately apply the ointment, but give first aid to the burn first. The following are the first aid steps that need to be taken when scalded: Flush skin with running water or tap water, for at least 20 minutes. Don't use ice cubes, ice water, or oily ingredients, like butter. If the hot water area covers a large part of the body, do not soak in cold water. This can cause loss of body heat and it will worsen the condition of a burn. Remove all jewelry or clothing near hot scalded skin areas. However, if there are items that are attached directly to the wound, do not remove it so as not to cause more severe damage to the skin t
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Try the Acne Peeling Method for Smooth and Healthy Skin

Having a smooth facial skin and without acne can certainly increase self-confidence and become everyone's dream. Therefore, do not be surprised if many people do various ways to get a smooth face free of acne. One way is by acne peeling. Facial peeling is one of the beauty procedures that aims to get rid of the remnants of dead skin, rejuvenate the skin, and overcome certain skin problems, such as pimples and blackheads. In addition to overcoming acne, acne peels can also brighten black spots, smooth the skin, and even skin tone. This beauty procedure is done by exfoliating the skin to clean pores. Banish Facial Skin Problems with Acne Peeling Based on the depth of the cleansed skin, facial peels for acne prone skin are divided into two types, namely mild and moderate. Mild peeling can be done by a beautician, while deeper acne peels must be done by a dermatologist. Here is the explanation: Mild acne peeling Mild acne peels are suitable for treating acne, dry skin, fine wri

Get to know refined sugar and various other types of sugar

Refined sugar has a whiter color and a higher level of purity than white sugar that is commonly used by the public. In addition to these two types of sugar, there are several other types of sugar that need to be known. Raw sugar is sucrose which is synthesized from sugar cane and cannot be consumed directly. After being processed again, raw sugar will turn into refined sugar (refined sugar). In processing to become refined sugar, the content of molasses or thick liquid containing sugar has been removed first. Refined Sugar and Other Types of Sugar Refined sugar is sugar that has gone through a long process before it can be consumed daily. Refined sugar is widely used in various industries because it is purer and cleaner looking than raw sugar. Besides refined sugar, there are still other types of sugar, including: Granulated sugar, which is the sugar most commonly used as a sweetener in food, drinks, or as a preservative in products such as jam. Brown sugar, which is brown sug